If you’re selling your home this spring, be prepared to have an open house – and all that it means.

There are some things that you might know not to do during an open house, but make sure not to make any of these mistakes. Here are the worst mistakes sellers make at open houses.

Bad Smells 

The scent of cookies baking is a great smell to have in your home during an open house. Do you know if your house has any bad smells? Invite some trusted friends over to make sure that you know what smells are in your home that might turn off a potential buyer. Usually, these smells are fixable with deep cleaning – including carpets. 

Pets in the House 

We know it is hard to schedule your pets to be elsewhere when a home is being shown. It can be a turn-off for some buyers if your dog gets excited or barks when strangers are in the home. This could keep buyers from even looking closely at specific areas in your home.

Ambiance Music 

You might want to create a relaxing vibe for buyers, but they might think that you’re trying to hide strange sounds. When it is unknown, buyers tend to jump to the worst conclusions. Also, it could just not be their type of music. So, do yourself a favor and leave the music off. 

Not Leaving 

This might seem obvious to most, but it is awkward for a potential buyer to walk into a house with the current owner still there. They won’t seriously consider your home if you’re there during the showing or open house. 

Blocking Access 

Potential buyers want to see everything in an open house, so don’t try to block off any rooms or areas, no matter what the reason might be. If you’ve got valuables, store them somewhere else. If your entire home isn’t staged perfectly, don’t open it to buyers until you’re ready. 

Leaving a Mess

We understand that having a show-ready home all the time is stressful and not comfortable, but you don’t want to leave messes during an open house. The easiest way to make sure everything is taken care of is to have a checklist. Go through all the items before you leave your home so you can be sure it is in the best condition for potential buyers. 

Light it Up 

Turn on lights, or leave the blinds open for showings. You want to showcase your home, and those features and upgrades you’ve spent time and money on will only shine in the light. So, be sure to turn on those lights and make your home seem inviting. 


We know you have a life to live and not every request will be accommodated, but if possible, please accept all showing requests. The chances of selling your home go up every time a potential buyer comes to look at it. If it is too inconvenient to look at your home, the buyer will move on to the next house. 

If you’re ready to list your home, call the experts at Robinson and Co Realty (970) 858-9870. We can help you find the perfect buyer for your house ad we can help you avoid the worst mistakes sellers make at open houses.