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It’s officially a new year. If you’re thinking of listing your home this spring, it is the perfect time to start getting it show-ready.

Here are a few things to polish up before you sell your home in the new year.

  1. Dump the Junk – decluttering is hard, but extremely necessary when you’re listing your house. Your treasures are personal to you, but a potential buyer wants to picture themselves living in the house. They have a hard time imagining themselves in your house when they can’t see past your clutter. You’ve got plenty of time to get your home show-ready. Just go through room by room and start packing non-essential items away. It will make it a lot easier for you when you’re packing to move!
  2. Go neutral – maybe you love the floral wallpaper or brightly colored walls, but a potential buyer might not. Most buyers have a difficult time looking past these easy fixes. So, make it easy for them (and you) and ditch those personal touches for neutral colors and tones. You’ll get more interest in your home, and it should sell more quickly. 
  3. Light it Up – Adding light to those dark corners makes a home feel more open and spacious. Home-buyers notice fixtures, and by lighting up those areas that have high-quality features, you are showcasing the best parts of your home. You can’t always make the weather bright and cheery, but you can fake it by using bright bulbs inside your home. 
  4. Stage it – Do you have a three-bedroom home, but one of the rooms has devolved into the dreaded “junk room?” Clear it out and stage it! It doesn’t matter if you make it a bedroom, home office, or workout room. Just pick a theme and make the room have a clear purpose. 
  5. Smell test – when you live in a house, you become immune to the smells. Ask some trusted friends to come over and be honest if there is a funky smell in your home. Trust us. Home-buyers will be turned off by strange smells. When you know where the smell is coming from, you can clean it and give future buyers a better first impression. 
  6. Fix it – we’ve all got those small projects sitting around the house that we’re avoiding. It’s time to tackle those projects and get them completed. Home-buyers don’t want to think about all the work they have to do when they move in. They want it to be easy! So, get the spackle out and start patching holes and tying up those loose ends.

If you’re getting ready to sell your home in the new year, partner with an Agent that you can trust. All of the Agents at Robinson and Co. Realty is ready to help you sell your home and make it as easy of a process as possible. Contact us today