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You’re on the home stretch of the home-buying process.

You’re completing the final walkthrough. As you’re walking through one last time before you sign the paperwork making it yours, you notice something. Something that could be costly to you. What do you do? What are the steps that you can take? Here’s the general rule of thumb when you notice a problem during your final walk-through.

First, what exactly is your final walkthrough?

This is the chance for you to see the home 24 hours before you sign the documents. The final walkthrough allows you to see the home after the sellers have moved out, cleaned up, and made all the repairs to previously agreed-upon items. Open doors and windows, turn on and off fixtures, and flush toilets. Make sure all the little things are in good, working order. 

Now, what happens if you find something during this time?

Well, the solution depends on the severity of the problem. If there is a hole in the wall to be patched, that is an easy fix that can be done quickly. If you notice a water stain that comes from a major leak or something major, follow these steps.

Talk to Your Realtor

These are the kinds of situations that make it so nice to have a professional on your side. They can work with the seller to come up with a solution that doesn’t kill the deal. This could mean extra money to you at closing to repair the damage or having the seller repair the item before you take ownership. 

Don’t Close Just Yet

Don’t close on the house before action has been taken and things are corrected. Whatever your solution, make sure all items are completed on that list before you go through with the closing. Yes, it might delay your move-in, but you won’t have to worry about getting it fixed. 

Hold Back Funds

If you want to move in before the repair, make sure that some funds are “held back” during closing. These monies can be held in an escrow account to cover the cost. Once the seller fixes the issue, they will receive the remainder of the funds that were held back. If they don’t fix it, you’ve got the money to repair the problem.


You can still renegotiate terms to account for this new find. It could mean a change in price or the holding back of funds, as mentioned above. 

Walk Away

If a solution can’t be agreed upon, you can still walk away from the deal. This typically does not happen, but we never say never. If a contract is canceled due to a problem with the home, you should receive your earnest money back. 

It’s best to have someone on your side to help you through buying a home. If you find a problem during your final walk-through make sure you’ve got someone on your side who knows how to handle them. Contact Robinson and Co. Realty to find an experienced Realtor to make things easier for you!