You are currently viewing Open Houses vs Private Showings – Which is Best for You?

When you’re looking for a home, there are two ways to view a house you’re interested in: open houses vs private showings.

There are pros and cons of open houses vs private showings – so, let’s see which might be the best for your situation.

Open House Pros

  1. Atmosphere – open houses have a more relaxed atmosphere. You might feel a lot more comfortable to wander around and check out the house at your own pace. You also get the chance to hear other people’s questions, comments, and observations. 
  2. Window Shopping – open houses are great in cities with many different community choices. For example, you can visit open homes in Fruita, Grand Junction, and Palisade to see how far your budget can go in each, what the vibe of the area is like, and if you think you’ll fit there. 
  3. Get Intel – you can find out a lot about the sellers from their listing agent if you ask questions. You can ask why they’re moving and figure out how motivated the sellers might be. Use open houses to your advantage!

Open House Cons

  1. False Sense of Urgency – with so many people at an open house at once, you might feel like it will be off the market quickly. You know no idea who the people at the open house are. They could be a bunch of nosy neighbors who wanted to see the remodel. An open house might make you rush into an offer, without thinking it through all the way. 
  2. Sales-y – while open houses can have a sense of a more relaxed atmosphere, sometimes agents will swarm around you the minute you enter. They will either try to sell that house to you or sign you as a client. Sometimes open houses can have moments of discomfort. 
  3. Poker Face – You might be in a private conversation about how much you love the house, but the listing agent could be listening. If they hear you say how much you adore all aspects of the house or if you bring back other members of your family to view the house, you just lost your negotiating power. 

Private Showing Pros

  1. Candid Conversations – when you schedule a showing with your real estate agent, you can openly discuss the pros and cons of the house without offending anyone or having your words used against you. Open discussions also help your agent figure out what other houses you might be interested in based on your feedback.
  2. Scheduling – with private showings, you can make the timing work for you. If typical open houses don’t work in your schedule, it doesn’t matter. After work on a weekday might be the best time for you. Your agent can work out the details so you can see it then.

Private Showing Cons

  1. Not Allowable – some sellers don’t ever get around to private showings. They might list their home and have an open house with offers coming in right away. If you wait for a time for a private showing, you might miss the listing entirely. 

No matter your preference, your real estate agent can help you find a house that is within your budget and fits your needs. Contact Robinson and Co Realty today to let one of our fantastic agents help you build your future (970) 858-9870!