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Summer is in full swing, but there’s still maintenance to be done!

Have you been slacking on your home maintenance before summer starts? It’s okay, there are still things that you can do and check them off your list! So, here are our easy late summer maintenance items.

Power Wash Your Driveways and Sidewalks

This one is super easy and is a great late summer maintenance item because you can do it when it’s hot! Before you start, be sure to check your areas for cracks (you don’t want to make it worse with the power washer). Once you’ve done your check, start your washing! It is just so satisfying to clean off a year’s worth of dirt and grime that has accumulated.

Gutters & Downspouts

If you haven’t done this yet, you really want to. It’s great to clean out your gutters before fall and winter. If your gutters get clogged, water can pool up around your foundation and eat away at it. If you’ve already done your gutters, do a double check on the downspouts. They tend to collect “goodies” too.


This is our least favorite one of all time, but they really do look great once they’re clean. So, take a couple of hours out of your day and clean those windows (and check your screens). You’ll be happy when they’re done!

Test Smoke Detectors

You might be on a different schedule for your smoke detectors, and that’s okay! Be sure to test them once a year to make sure they’re working. We also go ahead and change the batteries at this time. Low batteries always sound off in the middle of the night at our house and it’s best to avoid that 😉

Ceiling Fans

Did you make sure to reverse the direction of your fans when summer came? You want it to spin counter-clockwise, so it pushes the air down, creating a nice breeze. I supposed since you’re up there, you should clean the fan blades too. Not a fun job, but it’s good to get it out of the way.

Air Filters

Have you changed these in a while? It’s recommended to do it every three months, so now is a perfect time to get it done! It also helps to get some of the dirt and dust out of the air.

While there always seems to be a to-do list when it comes to your home, we picked these easy ones for the late summer maintenance. If you’re looking to change up your home situation, give us a call! We’d be happy to help you find a new place or sell your current home.