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Whether you’ve just recently moved into your home or have been living in it a while, you might need to purchase “stuff” for it.

It can get expensive to buy quality furniture, appliances, tools, and other furnishings, but you don’t want to cheap out and regret it later. Here’s a general rule of thumb when the best times to purchase items for your home. Certain items will be on sale, saving you the stress of overpaying and getting you the items you need. 

Furniture: January & July

  • These months are good for furniture purchases because stores are trying to clear out inventory and make room for their new pieces, which manufacturers introduce in February and August. You can get between 30% and 60% off items, especially floor models, so be sure to ask about those too!

Storage: January & August

  • Retailers tend to slash prices and offer free shipping on shelving, organizational items, baskets, and storage bins targeting those parents sending kids off to college around August. Retailers do the same price decreases in January when everyone wants to organize their homes for the new year. You can benefit from these tactics if you can wait to purchase until those times. 

Linens and Towels: January

  • Since 1878, department stores have been marketing “white sales” during January making it the best time to binge on new bedding and towels. If they are out of the color or style you are looking for, see if the store will offer a rain check on the item, so you can get what you want at the discounted price. It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

Major Appliances: January, September, October & The Holidays

  • Everyone knows to wait for the next holiday to purchase an appliance, right? Deep discounts and free interest are significant benefits to the consumer. What you might not know is that in September, October, and January retailers need to make room for new models (minus refrigerators) and will slash prices to get rid of the old models. 

Refrigerators: May

  • While the rest of the appliances discount towards the end of the year, new refrigerator models are released in May making it the best time to get a good deal. If you can specifically wait for Memorial Day sales, you’ll get double bonus pricing of a holiday AND an old model closeout. 

Mattresses: February & May

  • These months are the best due to President Day sales and Memorial Day sales. Many department stores offer additional coupons and savings on their sale prices at this time. If you’re hoping to price shop the same brand around town, don’t bother. Manufacturers only go so low, so if you want the best price, be open to different brands and models. 

Power Tools: June & December

  • These are the favorite gifts for dad, so stores tend to discount the items for Father’s Day and Holiday gifts. If you can wait until these months for the best deals, you’ll save some cash.

Get the best deals on the items that you want for your home by being a smart shopper and purchasing when things are the most on sale. When you’re ready to shop for a new home contact any of the agents at Robinson and Co. Realty.