You are currently viewing 5 Tips to Get Your House Ready to Sell in the Fall

You feel it in the morning air, fall is fast approaching!

If you’re looking to list your home this fall, here are 5 tips to get your house ready to sell in the Fall. 

  1. Brighten Things Up – As the sun fades and the days get darker, you want your house to shine! Make sure your home is well lit. Not only does a well-lit room look more substantial, but it seems more inviting. Before you leave the house when a showing is scheduled, turn on all the lights (especially those seen from the outside). Buyers will instantly feel welcome when they pull up to the curb. 
  2. Fire – If you’ve got a fireplace, use it to your advantage! Nothing makes a buyer feel cozier on a crisp fall day than a crackling fire, or candles lit in a fireplace, or well placed around the room. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!
  3. Seasonal Scents – smelling all the candles in a Yankee Candle store at once might give you a headache, but having a fall scent (like Autumn Leaves, Cinnamon, or Apple Pie) lingering in the background might give you the edge. Nostalgia is tied to scent, and a potential buyer might get the warm fuzzies from that smell. 
  4. Curb Appeal – This is true to all seasons, but especially in the fall when leaves can make your yard look small and cluttered. So, rake those leaves and tidy those gutters. Also, put out some fall flowers to enhance your landscaping (mums, goldenrods, and burning bushes look especially festive). 
  5. Less is More – Don’t overdo it with the decorations. Halloween might be your most favorite holiday ever, but your buyer might just see clutter. Keep your decorations simple and tasteful. 

Whatever season you are selling your house, we can help! Contact Robinson and Co Realty today!