May 14, 2019

7 Items to Look for When Buying a House

Remember these seven items when you are house hunting

Buying a house is an exciting step in your life, but it can also be pretty terrifying.

Having a professional real estate agent can help you navigate the home buying process, but you also need to keep a few things in mind when house hunting. Here is a list of 7 important things to keep an eye out for when buying a house.

  1. Roof - recognize if a roof will need repair soon. Having an older roof shouldn't make you scratch that gorgeous home off your list, but you should realize that you'll need to budget for a new one sooner rather than later. This is also a place where you can negotiate with the seller a little bit to see if they will lower the price to account for a new roof, or replace it before you purchase.
  2. Paint - if you absolutely hate the paint colors they use, look beyond them. Paint is one of the easiest things to change when you move into a home. So, don't get caught up on the color scheme. Look at the size and shapes of the rooms in the house, and the floor plan. If the paint colors are the only thing wrong with it, budget a few hundred dollars for move-in costs and repaint them to your taste. 
  3. Heating and Cooling - older homes tend to have more spaces where your temperature controlled air can escape. These areas will make it more expensive on your heating and cooling bills. If you really love that house, just keep in mind that you will deal with these issues, or you can spend some extra money to get it properly insulated. Also, make sure of the age of the furnace or cooling unit. Knowing beforehand if you have to replace them will make it an easier pill to swallow.
  4. Dealbreakers - decide before you start looking at houses what things are on your NEED list. These are items that if a house doesn't have them, it is a dealbreaker. Relay this information to your agent so they know what homes to show you and which ones to skip. This will help you all cut down on the amount of time and energy you spend while house hunting.
  5. Plumbing - this is where a house inspection comes in handy. You might not know what to look for, but an expert does. Don't skimp on this expense (usually, it is required by lenders), get the full picture of your potential home before you buy it.
  6. The Land - be sure to look at the whole picture when purchasing a home. Is this picture perfect house in a flood zone? Does it have easements on it? Does it share a driveway with another property? Get to know everything about the home before you buy it.
  7. Smells - the smell test is usually pretty easy, but you have to believe your nose. When you first walk in, do you smell any strong odors? Pets, sewage, gas, mildew, and cigarettes can all be indications of smells you might not want to deal with. Trust your initial reactions and ask your realtor to dig a little deeper.

Now that you've got a quick list to remember when looking at those home, have fun! Enjoy this experience and take your time. This is a big purchase and something you will be living in for a while. If you need any help or are looking for an agent to help you through this process, call Robinson and Co. Realty (970) 858-9870. We can help you get in the perfect home!

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May 7, 2019

How Many Does it Take to Find "The One"?

how many homes does it take to find "the one"?

For most people, house hunting feels like an extreme sport. You look at, what feels like, a million different homes only to pick them all apart without finding "the one."

You have your list of needs and wants, and you hope that you can find a home that checks all your boxes. So, how many homes do you really have to look at to find the perfect one for you? Unfortunately, the answer varies from person to person, but these items can help you go into the process more prepared. 

  1. Research - as agents, we know you've started your house hunting long before you ever contact us. The Internet makes it simple to view homes without contacting a realtor and find your ideal neighborhood. Lots of websites have photos and a video tour. You can start to hone in on items you do and don't want. For some people, they absolutely know that they don't want to do any construction. For others, they want to slowly make the home their own with immediate construction projects. It just depends where you are in your life and what motivates you. 
  2. Shop Around - research only takes you so far. Sometimes you have to put in the time and energy of looking through every home that is a "maybe." Being inside each home solidifies the items that you love and the ones you hate. Even if it takes you a year or more to find your perfect home, don't fret. It is out there and you will find the one you were meant to have.
  3. Get Pre-Approved - when you spend all that time searching for the perfect home, you don't want to miss out on purchasing it because you aren't pre-approved. This is an important step to be able to place a competitive offer immediately. It also helps you know what your budget allows you to spend as a monthly mortgage payment. So, go ahead and take this step and get a solid number to start your search.
  4. Choose Your Agent Wisely - you are going to be spending a lot of time with your real estate agent. You want to make sure that you're comfortable being honest with them. They need to know exactly what you do and don't like so time isn't wasted looking at future homes that bring no interest. Take a little time interviewing potential agents. See if you "click."
  5. Let Go - you have to be willing to let go of some of the items on your want list. Especially if you and your partner aren't in sync with your lists. One of you will have to give up a little something, otherwise, you'll never be able to reach an agreement on your perfect house. 

Now that you've got a better idea of the house hunting process, are you ready to dive in? If so, contact Robinson and Co. Realty today! Our agents are experienced and ready to help you find your dream home. Call us today to get started (970) 858-9870. 

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May 1, 2019

1323 Gold Lake Drive, Loma, CO 81524

A hidden gem in Loma! 2.26 Acres of paradise to build your dream home. Enjoy the stunning views of farm life, just minutes from the I-70 exit, with all the comforts of a beautiful subdivision. Owners enjoy a 6-acre lake for irrigation and recreation. Most of the subdivision is built, and this lot is very near the lake. Homes starting at 2,200 sqft permitted, and shops/barns must match home. Photo of the lake is common area owned by the HOA. Buyer to verify all information.

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1323 Gold Lake Drive, Loma, Colorado 81524

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April 30, 2019

2477 Zenith Lane, Grand Junction, CO 81505

Better than new! This beautiful home with above average finishes features stainless appliances, gas range, granite kitchen, and baths, under mount farm sink, under cabinet lighting and soft close drawers. The custom blinds are top down/bottom up, Jacuzzi tub in the Master Bath, tiled walk-in shower, upgraded shower heads, and a tankless hot water heater. There is an open living area to kitchen and dining, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Outside you will find Xeriscape front yard, vinyl privacy fenced and RV parking. This beautiful home is conveniently located near shopping, hospitals, schools, and parks. Per Builder, the HOA will be set up in Spring of 2020. Buyer to verify all information.

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April 30, 2019

109 E Lexington Way, Fruita, CO 81521

If you are looking for a spacious home on a large lot in Fruita this is the home for you! Featuring 2328 sq ft with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, and family room. The Master Suite offers 20 x 15 feet of space plus the perfect room off to the side for an office, den or nursery. There is a 5 piece Master Bath with dual vanities with granite counter tops, garden tub, walk-in tiled shower, and a big walk-in closet. The home has refrigerated air and forced air heating, tankless hot water heater and all kitchen appliances stay. Outside you will find a fenced in yard, large shed, a gate that leads to a neighborhood park and views of the Monument. Buyer to verify all information.

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April 30, 2019

7 Signs It's Time to Sell Your Rental Property

Is it time to sell that rental property?

You might have specifically purchased that property as a rental or you might have held on to your old home when you upgraded, no matter how you've acquired it, when is it time to unload it?

If one of these hits a nerve, it might be time to sell that extra property.

  1. It's More Trouble Than It's Worth - having that extra income can be fantastic, but it can also be a lot of work being a landlord. You need to fix items in a timely manner, and if things are constantly going wrong, more of your time might be taken up than ever before. If you are starting to think that the money isn't worth all of your time, the stress, and the anxiety then it might be time to sell that property.
  2. Negative Cash Flow - we're not talking about those few months where you need to install a new washer and dryer, those will happen. If your rental home consistently has a negative cash flow, it might not be worth it to keep the house. 
  3. Appreciation - maybe you've held on to this house while the market rebounds. If that is the case, have you checked out the current value of your rental property? It might have appreciated enough to earn you some extra money! Look into the current value and sell that home if it is the right time for you.
  4. Moving - rental properties are a lot easier to manage if you live close. If you are moving out of town, it might not make sense to keep the property. It could be less stressful and cumbersome in the future if you sell that rental home now. 
  5. Invest Elsewhere - rental properties can be very lucrative for some, but if you've got another investment opportunity that will make you more money, you need to think about selling. Investments are all about making the smart decision for you, so talk to your financial planner to see if this is still the best opportunity for your goals. 
  6. Expensive Repairs - if you don't have the money or energy to keep investing in this property, you should consider getting out before major repairs need to happen. These can include a new roof, heating and cooling unit, or major kitchen and bathroom updates. It's better to sell before you're in the middle of these repairs than be frustrated and annoyed.
  7. You need the Money - if a life event has come up where you need the money, sell that house. These can include retirement, medical needs, or maybe college tuition. It isn't a good idea to sell a rental that is cash positive just to purchase a new car, but it is completely up to you.

If any of these items hit a nerve, it might be time for you to sell that rental. Sometimes it is just right to let things go. If you're ready to sell a home, call us (970) 858-9870! We can help make this process easy and guide you through the ins and outs of selling your home or rental home. 

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April 24, 2019

How Do Appraisers Assign a Value to Your Home?

How Do Appraisers Assign a Value to Your Home?

Getting a home appraisal can be a nerve-wracking situation. It is something that needs to happen, but you're never one hundred percent certain what one appraiser will say over another. So, let's dive into what appraisers look at when putting a value on your home and what they do with that information. 

  1. Exterior - the exterior consists of your home's foundation, walls, and roof. Appraisers will look for defects to these components as well as any damage. Their job is to report back to the lender to ensure the house is habitable and whoever buys it won't have any unexpected problems that could cause them to default on their loan.
  2. Size - obviously size matters when your home's value is in play. This includes the size of your lot and the size of the home. The larger the lot and the more bedrooms and bathrooms it contains means the value of the house will (most likely) increase. The square footage of your home will also be a factor in the value of your home. 
  3. Condition of the Interior - even if the exterior of your home is in fantastic shape, the appraiser also looks to the condition of the interior of the home as well. Windows, doors, flooring, plumbing, electrical, kitchen, and bathrooms are all essential to the value of your home. Even appliances and light fixtures could be viewed as increasing your home's value. 
  4. Home Improvements - an appraiser will look at any updates to the home when they estimate the value. Things like new flooring, kitchen or bathroom renovations, and a new HVAC system are all considerations that could bump up the value of your home. Buyers love things that allow them to not spend more money for another 10-20 years. 
  5. Extras and Additions - in Western Colorado, an air conditioning unit is preferred over a swamp cooler. Other items like a pool, fireplace, insulated windows, a garage or security system can also be calculated into the value of your home. 

Now that we know what appraisers look at, what do they do with it? How do they come up with that magic number? 

Most of the time, they will look for comparable homes. Homes that have a similar location, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and amenities. They will use the market data from those homes that have recently sold to figure out a price. When they find homes that are most similar to yours, they start adding and subtracting based on your home's unique characteristics. 

While this might seem like guesswork, appraisers are highly trained to know what to look for in a home's value. Working with a seasoned real estate agent can help you be prepared for your home's value. Agents have a good understanding of the market and what has recently sold. If you're getting ready to sell your home, call one of the agents at Robinson and Co. Realty today. We are here to help you make this process as painless as possible!

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April 19, 2019

1023 Red Canyon Avenue, Fruita, CO 81521

This fantastic home in Echo Canyon is an open split plan with loads of upgrades, including gorgeous alder wood cabinetry, wood floors in living, dining and kitchen, solid surface kitchen counters with integrated sink, stainless steel appliances, island, gas fireplace, stereo pre-wire in living room, upgraded lighting, separate laundry room with sink, lots of porcelain tile and more. Master suite features a 5-piece bathroom, large walk-in closet, and access to the back patio. Covered front porch. Covered back patio with gas line for grill. On a stem wall (crawlspace) foundation and is on a large corner lot with HUGE RV parking (35' wide at the bottom, tapers to 12', 50' long). This home is ready for new owners to make it their own, schedule your showing today!

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April 17, 2019

Working with Neighbors that Might Hurt Your Home Value

Working with Neighbors that Might Hurt Your Home Value

We all wish that our neighbors had the same values and priorities, but that isn't always the case. While you don't want to be known as the "pushy" neighbor, the condition of their home might affect your home's value. How do you work with your neighbors if you're trying to sell your house? 


  1. Talk to them - start with a conversation to let them know that you're getting ready to list your home. You might be surprised regarding their circumstances. Your neighbor might not have the funds to keep their home looking pristine, or they might be elderly and are unable to physically complete the maintenance. Whatever you find out, it will help you make a better plan moving forward. If your neighbor is unwilling to help, ask them if you can do the work or pay for the work yourself. It all depends on the importance of the issue. 
  2. Ask for help - if your conversation goes poorly, ask your HOA for help with the situation. Most HOAs have rules about how a home in your neighborhood should look. They can try to address the issue based on the code of conducts being violated. Be sure to document efforts of the steps you take to address the issue. 
  3. Contact the landlord - if your neighbor is a renter, reach out to the landlord. They might not be aware of the situation, or it might be the landlord's responsibility. If you've talked to your neighbor first, you will already know this information and hopefully will be able to get a resolution quickly!
  4. Talk to the City or County - if the conditions are bad enough, you can talk to your city or county to see if there are any rules they are violating. These can include unkempt exteriors, noise levels, dangerous building issues, etc. This step can take some time to get resolved, which is why it's always best to start with a conversation and get the issue resolved at that level. 
  5. Physical divide - this is costly and isn't a real solution, but if you've struck out at all the other levels, you can always look into building a physical divide between your property and theirs. The issue might still be there, but at least you can try and separate the problem from your property's sight line. 

Dealing with neighbor issues can be uncomfortable, but it is important to communicate openly first. You never know what they are going through, and it usually makes hard situations better by being open and honest. If you're ready to sell your home, call the agents at Robinson and Co. Realty. We can help you find the perfect buyer for your home!

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April 16, 2019

1040 E Aspen Avenue, Fruita, CO 81521

This home is priced right and ready to move in. Fresh interior paint throughout, new flooring throughout and updates include 6-year-old roof, 3-year-old boiler & hot water heater, newer vinyl windows and newer Breez-Air cooler. Over 1500 sq feet with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, family room, living room plus dining room and large laundry room. This home sits on .24 of an acre, is fenced and has 2 sheds in the back yard with electrical to the sheds. Remove a few poles from the front fence and there is a large RV gate to park the extras in the back yard or there is concrete RV parking next to the home. Close to downtown Fruita, schools, parks & recreation. Electrical has been updated & there's no HOA!

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