March 20, 2019

Avoid These 7 Home Selling Mistakes

mistakes to avoid when selling your home

Selling a home is a major life decision and change.

It can be stressful if you don't have the right partner to help clear obstacles as they come up. When selling your home, avoid these seven mistakes.


  1. Not Preparing Your Home For Sale - buyers are picky. Your house needs to be in the perfect condition; it can impress potential buyers that walk through the door. One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is not preparing their home for sale. The perfect condition includes cleaning, de-cluttering, decorating, and fixing your curb appeal. These might seem like small things to you, but make a significant impact as a first impression. 
  2. Ignoring Repairs and Renovations - in addition to making it look nice, you need to fix those small jobs you've been putting off. Pay particular attention to items that will come up in a home inspection. When you're in the final negotiations of selling your home and things pop up in the inspection, it could lose you the sale. 
  3. Choosing the Wrong Agent - don't just pick the first agent that you come across. Talk to them. Make sure they know why you are selling your home and what you'd like to get out of it. An agent can be your best asset as long as they know what your underlying motivations are.
  4. Set an Unrealistic Price - You might want to get a certain amount of money out of your house, but if the market doesn't support that price, your house will be sitting for sale for an extended amount of time. A good real estate agent will help you determine the fair market price for your home, and if that doesn't work for you, it might not be a good time to sell your home. 
  5. The Cost of Selling - when deciding to sell your home, you might only be focused on the money you will receive. Don't forget that it does cost money before you sell your home. Costs can include repairs, taxes, storage costs, HOA dues, and the closing costs and commission at the time of the sale. 
  6. Limit Showings - When your house is on the market it might seem like your agent is always calling to schedule showings. Start to think of that as a good thing instead of an inconvenience. The more people that see your home, the better chance your house will sell quickly! So, try to be as flexible as possible with the times it is okay to show your home. 
  7. Only Considering the Highest Offer - many times, clients will look at the highest priced offer. While this is exciting, it might not be the best offer for your situation. Take into consideration if an offer is all cash, has a contingency attached to it, or might be a faster or slower closing date than you'd like. Consider all offers and choose the one right for you!

When selling your home, you're hoping for as smooth of a process as possible. Start to think about all the things that can go wrong, and plan for them. Our agents at Robinson and Co Realty can help you make this process easy. Call us today (970) 858-9870!

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March 12, 2019

Open Houses vs Private Showings - Which is Best for You?

Open House vs. Private Showings - Which is the best option for you?

When you're looking for a home, there are two ways to view a house you're interested in: an open house or a private showing.

There are pros and cons of both types of showings - so, let's see which might be the best for your situation.

Open House Pros

  1. Atmosphere - open houses have a more relaxed atmosphere. You might feel a lot more comfortable to wander around and check out the house at your own pace. You also get the chance to hear other people's questions, comments, and observations. 
  2. Window Shopping - open houses are great in cities with many different community choices. For example, you can visit open homes in Fruita, Grand Junction, and Palisade to see how far your budget can go in each, what the vibe of the area is like, and if you think you'll fit there. 
  3. Get Intel - you can find out a lot about the sellers from their listing agent if you ask questions. You can ask why they're moving and figure out how motivated the sellers might be. Use open houses to your advantage!

Open House Cons

  1. False Sense of Urgency - with so many people at an open house at once, you might feel like it will be off the market quickly. You know no idea who the people at the open house are. They could be a bunch of nosy neighbors who wanted to see the remodel. An open house might make you rush into an offer, without thinking it through all the way. 
  2. Sales-y - while open houses can have a sense of a more relaxed atmosphere, sometimes agents will swarm around you the minute you enter. They will either try to sell that house to you or sign you as a client. Sometimes open houses can have moments of discomfort. 
  3. Poker Face - You might be in a private conversation about how much you love the house, but the listing agent could be listening. If they hear you say how much you adore all aspects of the house or if you bring back other members of your family to view the house, you just lost your negotiating power. 

Private Showing Pros

  1. Candid Conversations - when you schedule a showing with your real estate agent, you can openly discuss the pros and cons of the house without offending anyone or having your words used against you. Open discussions also help your agent figure out what other houses you might be interested in based on your feedback.
  2. Scheduling - with private showings, you can make the timing work for you. If typical open houses don't work in your schedule, it doesn't matter. After work on a weekday might be the best time for you, and your agent can work out the details so you can see it then.

Private Showing Cons

  1. Not Allowable - some sellers don't ever get around to private showings. They might list their home and have an open house with offers coming in right away. If you wait for a time for a private showing, you might miss the listing entirely. 

No matter what your preference is, your real estate agent can help you find a house that is within your budget and fits your wants and needs. Contact Robinson and Co Realty today to let one of our fantastic agents help you build your future (970) 858-9870!

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March 7, 2019

The Worst Mistakes Sellers Make at Open Houses

avoid these mistakes during your open house

If you're selling your home this spring, be prepared to have an open house - and all that it means.

There are some things that you might know not to do during an open house, but make sure not to make any of these mistakes.


  1. Bad Smells - the scent of cookies baking is a great smell to have in your home during an open house, but do you know if your house has any bad smells? Invite some trusted friends over to make sure that you know what smells are in your home that might turn off a potential buyer. Usually, these smells are fixable with a deep cleaning - including carpets. 
  2. Pets in the House - we know it is hard to schedule your pets to be elsewhere when a home is being shown, but it can be a turn off for some potential buyers if your dog gets excited or barks when strangers are in the home. It could keep buyers from even looking closely at an area in your home if your dog is housed there and seems aggressive to them. 
  3. Ambiance Music - you might want to create a relaxing vibe for buyers, but they might think that you're trying to hide strange sounds. When it is unknown, buyers tend to jump to the worst conclusions, or it just might not be their type of music, so do yourself a favor and leave the music off. 
  4. Not Leaving - this might seem obvious to most, but it is awkward for a potential buyer to walk into a house with the current owner still there. They won't seriously consider your home if you're there during the showing or open house. 
  5. Blocking Access - potential buyers want to see everything in an open house, so don't try to block off any rooms or areas, no matter what the reason might be. If you've got valuables, store them somewhere else. If your entire home isn't staged perfectly, don't open it to buyers until you're ready. 
  6. Leaving a Mess - we understand that having a show ready home all the time is stressful and not comfortable, but you don't want to leave messes during an open house. The easiest way to make sure everything is taken care of is to have a checklist. Go through all the items before you leave your home so you can be sure it is the best condition for potential buyers. 
  7. Light it Up - turn on lights, or leave the blinds open for showings. You want to showcase your home, and those features and upgrades you've spent time and money on will only shine in the light. So, be sure to turn on those lights and make your home seem inviting. 
  8. Flexibility - we know you have a life to live and not every request will be accommodated, but if possible, please accept all showing requests. The chances of selling your home go up every time a potential buyer comes to look at it. If it is too inconvenient to look at your home, the buyer will move on to the next house. 

If you're ready to list your home, call the experts at Robinson and Co Realty (970) 858-9870. We can help you find the perfect buyer for your house.

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Feb. 25, 2019

How to Make Your Offer Irresistible to Sellers

how to make your home offer irresistible to sellers

If you're in a housing market where the bidding competition is fierce, these seven tips will help make your offer irresistible to sellers. 


  1. Cash Offer - this is a tough one for the majority of people, but if you've got the money, placing a cash offer looks better to sellers. A seller's preference for cash offers is because they don't have to worry about funding falling through. In a hot housing market, you might not be able to get a loan for the full amount of the offer needed to win the bid, so sellers want to know that they picked a more sure thing. 
  2. Pre-Approval - this is the next best thing to a cash offer. A pre-approval letter shows the seller that a lender already has approved the amount of the house. While this is not a sure thing, it is more of a goodwill offering to the seller that you've done your due diligence, and a lender will back you for a specific amount. 
  3. Make Your Best Offer - if numerous other people are bidding on the same house, you want to make sure that your first offer is your best offer - you might not get another chance! Be sure the amount you put forward is something that you're not only willing but able to pay for a home. If you hold back hoping for a deal, you might lose the house to another buyer. 
  4. Increase the Earnest Money - doubling the amount of deposit that you put down, might show the seller how serious of a buyer you are and give you the edge over the competition. 
  5. Pay the Extras - these might include closing costs, pre-paid homeowners fees, or a home warranty. The better offer you can make to the seller, the better chance you have of it being accepted.
  6. Write a Letter - sometimes a heartfelt letter to the seller can sway them to accept your offer. Home is very personal to both the buyers and sellers. If they feel that personal connection with you, it gives you a better chance of having your offer accepted over others. 
  7. Time - sometimes a seller wants a long closing period or wants to "rent" the buyer for a few months. If you're amenable to those terms, put them in your offer. A seller might accept a lower offer if it fits their timetable.

No matter what options you want to add in your offer to make it the best it can be, make sure that you're entirely comfortable with the terms. If you feel like you're giving something up that is important to you, this might not be the house of your dreams after all. Be honest with your real estate agent, and they will make sure the best offer is presented to a seller. Contact Robinson and Co. Realty today to start working with our fantastic agents!

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Feb. 20, 2019

Should You Buy a Foreclosure?

Should you buy a foreclosure?

If you're looking at purchasing a new home, you've probably come across some homes that are in foreclosure. What is it and is a foreclosure something that you should entertain? 

Let's start with what it is. A foreclosure is when a lender takes control of a property that the owners have fallen behind on their payment. The lender takes control of the property to recoup the money they are owed for that property. These lenders want to make their money back, so they will turn around and try to sell the property. Banks usually request payment in full when accepting offers, so they need to see that you've got the money to purchase this home. 

To determine if buying a foreclosure is right for you to think about your situation and how much work and money you might potentially have to put into it. These properties are sold as-is, meaning anything that is wrong with them is the buyer's responsibility. You can't negotiate for a new roof or upgraded plumbing in these sales. With that in mind, here are some smart moves to help you get the best foreclosure for you. 


  1. Never buy it sight unseen - getting to see all the flaws of a house before you buy it will help you get a better understanding of how much money it will take to get it livable. You never know what the previous owners took as they moved out. You could be missing kitchen fixtures, lighting, plumbing, carpeting, and anything else they might have been able to sell. While this situation doesn't happen every time, you should be prepared for a worst-case scenario.
  2. Purchase through an agent - some lenders will go straight to auction for a foreclosed home, others will try to repair some damage and turn it over to an experienced agent that specializes in foreclosures. If you go with an agent, you'll have a much better chance of knowing what is good and what needs work. 
  3. Estimate the repairs - the best case scenario of a foreclosed house is that it sat empty for a few months, meaning you'll have to repair some of the lawn (depending on the season it sat vacant), maybe new paint, and some other minor repairs. Others foreclosures are trashed entirely. If you can get a home inspector in to review the damage, you'll have a good idea of how much repairs will cost to make it livable. Spend the money, and avoid any surprises. 
  4. Know the comps - do some research and see what comparable homes in the area are selling for. When you have an agent, they will do this part for you. Knowing the market will help you figure out what the "right" price for this home might be. 
  5. Bid competitively - most people think about foreclosures to get a bargain on the house. While this might play out, don't always count on it. Take advantage of the fact that the bank isn't emotionally attached to the house and they lose money every day the home sits there empty. Set a firm maximum price you're willing to pay and put your best offer forward. 
  6. Line up your financing - just like any other home purchase; you want to know what you can spend and make sure you can get funding for the home you're considering. With foreclosures, banks will need to see a pre-approval letter before they move forward, so this step isn't optional on foreclosure purchases. 

Foreclosures can be very risky, but they can also be rewarding. Be sure you think about your life situation to see if you can handle the risk before diving into a foreclosure. If you're in the market for a home, contact any of the agents at Robinson and Co. Realty. We can help you find the perfect house - foreclosure or otherwise. 


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Feb. 14, 2019

871 Doug Drive, Fruita, CO 81521

Gorgeous home located in the Vintners Farm subdivision! Lovely ranch style featuring 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and open kitchen to living room area with 13' vaulted ceilings. The kitchen features granite counter tops, custom wood cabinets and pantry for storage. The 4th bedroom is currently being used as a game room/office and features a dry bar. Master bedroom is complete with adjoining bathroom that includes two sinks, walk-in shower, jetted tub and walk-in closet. Access your backyard patio from the master bedroom and enjoy the outdoor living space complete with a pergola, roll down sun shades, fire rock, raised planter beds, and natural gas grill. Plenty of room for your toys or workshop in the 3-car garage and even a place to park your RV! Too many features to list - schedule your showing today for this beautiful home!

Click here to view the full listing.

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Feb. 13, 2019

Should you Spend Your Entire Credit Limit on A House?

How much should you spend on your monthly mortgage payment?

So, you did the responsible thing and got pre-approved for a mortgage before you started looking at houses. Congratulations! That is an excellent first step for more than one reason.

Your offer will be taken more seriously, and you know how much you're able to spend on your house. We see home buyers trying to decide if they should offer the full amount of their credit limit or not and we usually try to steer them to buy less house than they can afford for the following reasons. 


  1. Your Budget - Just because your excellent payment history and income qualify you for a $400,000 home, doesn't mean your budget allows you to afford the payments that come with it. Go through your budget and figure out what you're comfortable spending each month and stick to it.
  2. The Market - Housing prices might be high now, but it is hard to predict if and when the market might take a dive, and you're stuck in your house owing more than it is worth. 
  3. Bigger Means Costlier - If you're looking at a larger house than what you currently have, remember that all of your other expenses will probably increase too. Other expenses include your heating and cooling bills, property taxes, and furnishings. Repairs will also cost more. A bigger house has a more massive roof, and if you need to repair that, it will cost you more. 
  4. Savings - Are you spending so much on the monthly mortgage payment that you're foregoing saving for the future? This includes your savings and retirement accounts. You want to retire someday, so make sure you're putting some away for that day. 

While mortgage companies do a good job to look at all of your income and debts, they still don't know how you want to live your life. Do you want to help your kids pay for college, or maybe you want to travel frequently? These things affect how much you feel comfortable paying each month for your house. Be sure you think about your lifestyle and what that looks like in terms of a monthly mortgage payment. If you've got any questions, or are ready to start searching for your home, call Robinson and Co. Realty today (970) 858-9870! 

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Feb. 13, 2019

502 Virgo Way, Fruita, CO 81521

Completely remodeled in 2017 and then some! After the remodel, a new sidewalk & 2 car concrete pad were poured. New xeroscaped landscaping with decorative rock, tress & a new 8x8 storage shed. Wood mini blinds throughout, storm doors & new 12x12 front deck. The master bathtub, shower & vanity were re-done by Miracle Method that look amazing. Seller purchased new washer & dryer which will be included as well. This one is a true beauty at a great price!

View the full listing here.

502 VIrgo Way, Fruita, CO 81521


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Feb. 8, 2019

1105 Aspen Village Lp, Fruita, CO 81521

Another beautiful custom home built by Titus, LLC. Craftsmanship is the quality that comes from creating with passion, care, and attention to detail and that is what defines this home! This 2-story home features a modern open layout, chic transitional finishes & timeless details, both inside and out. Tray ceilings, crown molding, custom fireplace surround with built-in shelving, LED brushed nickle light fixtures, soft-close cabinetry and gorgeous granite counter-tops throughout! The impressive kitchen includes a large center island with a gas cook-top stove, soft close cabinetry, a pantry with an artistic frosted glass door, stainless steel Samsung appliances, a farmhouse sink w/picture window, & under cabinet lighting. The kitchen unites with the family room for easy entertaining & the main level master is a private retreat. Upstairs, are 4 generously sized bedrooms & full bath.

View full listing here.

1105 Aspen Village Ln, Fruita, CO 81521

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Feb. 6, 2019

Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

how to choose the right real estate agent

When you decide to sell your home, it is a big decision and can be stressful if you partner with the wrong agent, or try to do it on your own.

Most people decide to use an agent for their ability to guide sellers through the home selling experience, handling contract negotiations, and finding interested buyers. When searching for the perfect agent for you, consider the following things. 

  1. Do market research - pay attention to signs in your neighborhood. Do they seem to all be from the same agent or agency? Most people like to do business with a known factor. Even name recognition allows you to understand your agent better and if they know your neighborhood, they probably already know buyers interested in moving in. Another way to research is to talk to agents at open houses. Be aware of personal chemistry and personality when you speak to them.
  2. Ratings and Referrals - Look online to see if you know anyone in common you could ask for a referral. Also, review their ratings. See if other clients are happy or if not, what they thought went wrong. 
  3. Interview - just like with looking for the right candidate for a job, you should talk to a few agents to see which ones you like working with the most. Ask them some questions to understand if their qualifications fit your needs. 
    • How long have they been in the industry?
    • Do they work more with buyers or sellers?
    • What is their specialty?
    • How will they market your home?
    • Are they part of a team?
  4. Set Expectations - if you want an update every day, even if there is no change, let your agent know that from the beginning. Communication is the biggest challenge of every partnership, and your realtor is no different. Let them know your preferences of communication, how often you'd like to hear from them, and anything else that will make the experience better for you both. Besides communication, know what the commission structure is, what the list price will be, and the length of the contract. You don't want any surprises from your team - you'll get enough from potential buyers. 

When selling your house, don't be afraid to ask questions. Selling your home isn't something you do every day. If you pick the right agent, they will be more than happy to answer every question you have. All of our agents would love the chance to help you sell your home. Contact Robinson and Co. Realty today to get to know us better!

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