Sept. 16, 2020

Best Way to Sell Your Home This Fall

Best Way to Sell Your Home This Fall

Contrary to popular belief, fall is a great time to sell your house!

The market is still really active and there is less competition. So, what is the best way to sell your home this fall? Staging! Specifically, by embracing all the warm, fuzzy feelings that fall gives by tastefully staging and decorating your home for the season.

Start with curb appeal. Make sure your home looks cleaned up by removing all the dead leaves and plants and adding some colorful pops of seasonal favorites like mums. You can also add a pretty fall wreath, some pumpkins, and a fresh fall doormat. 

Skip the Spooky. While Halloween decorations are a part of fall, don't use them when staging your home for a sale. Not everyone celebrates it, loves it, or enjoys the holiday. If you're a die-hard Halloween fan, stick the cuter aspects of the holiday - cute carved pumpkins, friendly-looking ghosts, and candy corn. Pass on the spiderwebs.

Change up Your Accents. If you've got the opportunity to adjust some of the accent colors in your home (throw blankets, kitchen towels, or pillows) do it. Embracing the fall color palette will enhance the overall comfortable feeling that fall brings. If fall colors aren't complementary to the rest of your home, skip this step.

What's That Smell? Not real apple cider, but a lovely candle that makes potential buyers think it is? Wonderful! Going that extra step to ensure your home smells as wonderful as it looks can make a huge difference. Not everyone is around to bake fresh treats for that authentic smell. So, grab some candles, oil sticks, or potpourri to fake it.

Set the Table. Nothing feels more like a feast is upon you than setting the stage for it. If you've got the time, set your table like you're preparing for your Thanksgiving dinner. It will show off the size of your dining room, and allow potential buyers to envision their own family gathered 'round.

Embrace the season and stage your home because it's the best way to sell your home this fall! If you're still looking for a realtor to help you with your home sale, contact us! We'd love to help you!

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Sept. 8, 2020

Fall Home Improvement Projects

Fall Home Improvement Projects

We got RAIN on the Western Slope this week and some cooler temps.

This quick cold snap has us thinking about fall home improvement projects we need to start completing. Here's a list of things to consider. 

  1. Gutters - when it rained, did all the water gush out in the right spot? If not, you need to schedule a time to clean out your gutters. It's not the most pleasant job but can keep your home from getting water damage. 
  2. Roof - doing a quick check of your roof can keep you from seeing problems down the road. If you're not sure what to look for, hire a professional to come out and do a quick look. They can tell you if you've got a problem or when you might need to spring for a new roof.
  3. Windows - keeping the weather outside is something you want to check when you look at your windows. Inspect the weather stripping or caulking and make sure the locks are functioning properly. 
  4. Deck/Patio - put a plan in place for what you're going to do with your patio furniture. You want to make sure it is safe and out of the elements (if possible). Also, check your patio for any cracks or problems. Fix them before winter comes. Those items only get worse during the cold season.
  5. Heating System - you don't want to be freezing, so check your heating system now to see if anything needs to be replaced. This is also a good time to double-check your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. 
  6. Paint/Stain - if you've been thinking about freshening things up, now is a great time to do it! The weather will still be warm without being oppressive. Plus, you can air out your home if you decide to update the paint inside your house. 

So, which fall home improvement project will be the first one you start (and complete)? While these chilly days were a good reminder of what is coming, we'll be happy to stay warm a little while longer. 

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Sept. 2, 2020

Fruita Market Report - August 2020

Fruita Market Report - August 2020

Here's the latest market report from Fidelity National Title. Their current report indicates that it is a STRONG seller's market.

They use an index that measures the current rate of sale vs. the amount of inventory available. Anything over 30 is a seller's marketing. Anything under 30 means it is a buyers market. As of today, the index lists Fruita at 56, which is up from last month's 50.

The median list price decreased from last month and now sits at $425,500 and the 7-day average days on market has decreased to 135.

To view the full market reports click below.

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Aug. 24, 2020

DIY Projects that Will Increase Your Home Value

DIY Projects that Will Increase Your Home Value

DIY projects for your home can be fun, or they can be a chore. It all depends on what you get out of it.

If you're looking to complete a few projects that will turn into a higher home value, keep reading. We've got 6 DIY projects that will increase your home value. 

Paint - fresh paint makes a huge difference to potential buyers. It rids your home of weird odors that are trapped and allows you to modernize your wall color. You'll want to stick with a neutral color scheme that makes your home appear brighter and larger. Neutral tones also appeal to most people, giving you the largest buyer pool.

Light Fixtures - tastes change every few years, so people notice outdated light fixtures. Make sure your home looks modern and move-in ready by making this update.

Front Door - this is one of the first things buyers see when they tour your home. Update the paint on your front door to be more inviting and brighten it up! If the door is no longer in good shape, consider replacing it completely. If a buyer sees an old door, they will bring that stigma with them through the rest of the house tour. 

Hardware - just like those outdated light fixtures, the hardware throughout your home can also date it. These include doorknobs, curtain rods, and cabinet pulls. If you want buyers to pay the extra price on your home, don't give them anything that takes away from the value. 

Grout and Caulk - make sure these items are squeaky clean or replace them. Nothing makes a space look grungier than having dirty grout or caulk. While re-grouting a floor is a much more intensive process than re-caulking a bathtub, both make spaces look clean and fresh when completed. 

Carpets - get those carpets cleaned. When we talked about smells being trapped in your walls, the same goes for the floors. Cleaning carpets will rid your home of the rest of pet or other odors that turn off buyers.

These 6 DIY projects will increase your home value to potential buyers. As a bonus, they are pretty easy to complete and are fairly inexpensive. If you're ready to list your home, contact us! We would love to help you get the most out of your most valuable asset. 

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Aug. 17, 2020

Importance of Staging Your Home

Importance of Staging Your Home

The current real estate market in the Grand Valley is HOT.

Houses are only on the market for a few days before offers come in, and inventory is low. With all that good news for sellers, don't forget the importance of staging your home when you list it. Here are a few reasons to stage your home. 

  1. Higher Price - with the market already crazy, you still want to get top dollar for your home. Staging will help you get a higher price because it will show off the best features of your house, making sellers want it. Staging helps to justify your asking price. A beautifully staged home appears move-in ready, making the price more worth it to potential buyers.
  2. Well-Maintained - staged homes give buyers the impression that you've taken care of your home (which we know you did!). Basic repairs are part of staging a home, so buyers won't notice all the little things they don't want to do - because they don't exist. This helps to instantly put their mind at ease. 
  3. Size - staging a home gives you the chance to make your home look larger. Sometimes the furnishings we love don't suit a space. When buyers come through, they want to see large, open spaces ready for their furniture, not crowded rooms that appear smaller than they are. Let your home's size show by staging it correctly.
  4. First Impressions - staging the inside and outside of your home gives buyers the best first impression! If they walk into a dark, crowded room, they probably won't even give the rest of your home a chance. Their minds will be made up. So, make sure you put your best foot forward and give them a great first impression.
  5. Give Rooms a Purpose - while an all-in-one rooms work for you, buyers want a clear purpose for each room. If they are looking for 3 bedrooms, plus an office, they want to see it. You'd be surprised how little creativity buyers have when looking at multiple houses in a short period of time. Take the guess work out, and stage each room with its own purpose.
  6. Buyers Can See Themselves - when you take your personal belongings out of a home, a potential buyer can walk in and start visualizing their own stuff there. This is what staging is all about. Showing your home at it's best and allowing a buyer to see themselves living there. 
  7. A Touch Above - while staging is recommended, many sellers don't do it. If you're willing and able to stage your home, it will put your house above the competition. Plus, by putting your personal things away, you've already started packing! It's a win-win situation.

We hope these 7 items have shown you the importance of staging your home. If you're looking to sell your house, our team is here to help every step of the way. Including helping you figure out the best way to stage your home. Contact us today to get started!

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Aug. 12, 2020

Home Improvement Projects to Complete This Summer

Home Improvement Projects to Complete This Summer

It might be hot out this summer, but there are a few summer projects that you want to complete now.

Most of the items on our list can be done from the comfort inside your home. Here are a few home improvement projects to complete this summer. 

  1. Ceiling Fans - if you don't have any in your house, you don't know what you're missing! If you currently have ceiling fans, it might be time for an upgrade. A good quality fan can improve the energy efficiency of your house and increase the air circulation in your home. 
  2. Window Treatments - if you've got the right window treatments, your house can be a lot cooler. Window treatments keep the hottest rays of the day on the outside, letting your home stay cooler. There are lots of options to choose from, and you're sure to find the right window treatments for your house.
  3. AC or Swampcooler Maintenance - you don't want to be stuck in a hot house in the middle of summer, so be sure to do some general maintenance on your cooling unit. A professional can inspect your unit and make sure everything is running smoothly which is a great option to stay ahead of looming problems.
  4. Filters - if it has been a while since you've changed the air filter in your home, do it now. The filter catches impurities in your home, keeping your air fresh and clean. It's a quick and easy fix and should be done every three months.
  5. Powerwash the Exterior - washing the outside of your home has a huge impact on its curb appeal. It's pretty easy to do if you've got a power washer, or you can hire someone to do it for you. Whatever option you choose, you'll notice the difference.
  6. Windows - if you're going to clean the outside of your home, you might as well do the windows too! With all the light during the summer, you don't want to miss any of it due to dirty windows. 

There are more activities that you can do inside to clean out and clean up your home during the summer, but this is a pretty good list of home improvement projects that you'll be glad are done. If you're making these improvements to get your home ready for a fall listing, call us! We can guide you to get the most for your listing and make the selling process as easy as possible. 

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Aug. 4, 2020

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Are you thinking about brightening up your yard in the next couple of years?

Perennial blooming plants are a great way to achieve that and increase your home’s curb appeal. There is a lot to choose from, but you want to make sure that you’re getting plants meant for the area. The USDA counts Fruita in hardiness zone 6b, so here are a few plants that have beautiful flowers that can withstand our climate.

Archillea Fanal

Achillea Fanal - the common name for this plant is the Yarrow. It likes sun and blooms June through September. The Yarrow is really easy to care for and is also tolerant of drought, rabbits, and deer. The clumps of these flowers can grow up to 30 inches tall, so make sure you put in a place that needs some height to show off the beautiful red flowers. 


Lupinus - these come in many different colors (purple, yellow, pink, white, and some dual colors too!) and will attract hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. These are sweetly scented and will add height and color to your current landscape. They bloom from June to July and want full sun. You will need to deadhead these flowers to keep them looking sharp during the blooming season.

DianthusDianthus - these also come in a few different colors, but they are a much shorter, bushier plant for your space. They only bloom in June but can be a great cover plant, as they grow quickly filling the space you give them. Echinacea

Echinacea - (coneflowers) fill up AND brighten up your space outside. Pink, white, yellow, orange, and other colors are there to choose from and they bloom July - September. If you’re a bird lover, this might be your dream come true - the seeds in the center of the bloom provide nourishment for our feathered friends. viola

Viola - these small yellow-ish purple-ish flowers are heat tolerant and they bloom from spring until fall. If you’re brave enough, the flowers are also edible and can be used in salads as an edible and beautiful garnish. They thrive in sun to part shade and only grow 6-8” tall.

Coreopsis UpTickCoreopsis UpTick - the gold and bronze version of this plant gets 12-14” in height and blooms June - September. It is the happiest in the sun and is a great plant for pollinators.

There are many other plants that do well in our area with beautiful blooms and colors! So, go ahead and plant some flowers to increase your home’s curb appeal and become the envy of the neighborhood.

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July 29, 2020

Fruita Market Report - July 2020

Fruita Market Report - July 2020

Here's the latest market report from Fidelity National Title. Their current report indicates that it is a STRONG seller's market.

They use an index that measures the current rate of sale vs. the amount of inventory available. Anything over 30 is a seller's marketing. Anything under 30 means it is a buyers market. As of today, the index lists Fruita at a 50, which is up from last month's 44.

The median list price increased from last month and now sits at $449,375 and the 7-day average days on market has increased to 143.

To view the full market reports click below.

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July 22, 2020

5 Considerations to Pricing Your Home

5 Considerations to Pricing Your Home

Price matters. It is the first thing everyone does when they start a home search.

Sure, a buyer might want certain amenities, locations, or features of a house, but if the price isn't right, they probably won't purchase that house. Below are 5 considerations to pricing your home.

  1. Buyer Pool - contrary to popular belief, you don't always need to price high to make more money. When your home is priced too high, you lose out on an entire group of buyers, and it could sit on the market for longer than you'd hoped. Buyers are smart and do their research, so we make sure to get your house priced in the right price category for potential buyers.
  2. Comparables - comps matter in the real estate market. If a home close to your specs sold for a certain price not long ago, we will look hard at the sale price and use it to guide our listing price. The price gets adjusted from there depending on if you have more or fewer bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, garage space, and yard space.
  3. Time vs. Money - if a seller wants to unload their home quickly, we will price their home below the competition. If they want a certain amount of money from the home and are willing to wait for the right buyer, we adjust the listing price based on that. Our seller's goals matter and price can be adjusted to reflect that.
  4. Renovations - some upgrades to your home will allow your home to be listed at a higher rate. Others are just to suit your tastes. We work hard to make sure that your home gets priced accordingly based on the amenities it offers.
  5. Price Reductions - price reductions aren't always bad. Decreasing your price of $1,000 - $2,000 is sometimes just enough to remind buyers of your home. It can also be enough to put it into a new range that works for someone new. A small reduction could be enough of a buzz to get your home sold.

Whatever your thoughts are about the price of your home, we're here to help you get it sold! Our team has the experience and knowledge to handle every unique situation. We use these 5 considerations to pricing your home to ensure you get the most out of your investment! Contact us today to get started on listing your home. 

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July 15, 2020

Problem During Your Final Walk-Through

Problem During Your Final Walk-Through

You’re on the home stretch of the home-buying process.


You’re completing the final walkthrough. As you’re walking through one last time before you sign the paperwork making it yours, you notice something. Something that could be costly to you. What do you do? What are the steps that you can take? Here’s the general rule of thumb when you notice a problem during your final walk-through.


First, what exactly is your final walkthrough? This is the chance for you to see the home 24 hours before you sign documents. The final walkthrough allows you to see the home after the sellers have moved out, cleaned up, and made all the repairs to previously agreed upon items. Open doors and windows, turn on and off fixtures and flush toilets. Make sure all the little things are in good, working order. 


Now, what happens if you find something during this time? Well, the solution depends on the severity of the problem. If there is a hole in the wall to be patched, that is an easy fix that can be done quickly. If you notice a water stain that comes from a major leak or something major, follow these steps.


  1. Talk to Your Realtor - these are the kinds of situations that make it so nice to have a professional on your side. They can work with the seller to come up with a solution that doesn’t kill the deal. This could mean extra money to you at closing to repair the damage or having the seller repair the item before you take ownership. 

  2. Don’t Close Just Yet - don’t close on the house before action has been taken and things are corrected. Whatever your solution, make sure all items are completed on that list before you go through with the closing. Yes, it might delay your move-in, but you won’t have to worry about getting it fixed. 

  3. Hold Back Funds - if you want to move in before the repair, make sure that some funds are “held back” during closing. These monies can be held in an escrow account to cover the cost. Once the seller fixes the issue, they will receive the remainder of the funds that were held back. If they don’t fix it, you’ve got the money to repair the problem.

  4. Renegotiate - you can still renegotiate terms to account for this new find. It could mean a change in price or the holding back of funds, as mentioned above. 

  5. Walk Away - if a solution can’t be agreed upon, you can still walk away from the deal. This typically does not happen, but we never say never. If a contract is canceled due to a problem with the home, you should receive your earnest money back. 


It’s best to have someone on your side to help you through buying a home. If you find a problem during your final walk-through make sure you’ve got someone on your side who knows how to handle them. Contact Robinson and Co. Realty to find an experienced Realtor to make things easier for you!

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