June 30, 2020

Fruita Market Report - June 2020

Fruita Market Report - June 2020

Here's the latest market report from Fidelity National Title. Their current report indicates that it is a SLIGHT seller's market.

They use an index that measures the current rate of sale vs. the amount of inventory available. Anything over 30 is a seller's marketing. Anything under 30 means it is a buyers market. As of today, the index lists Fruita at a 44, which is just up from last month's 43.

The median list price decreased slightly from last month and now sits at $439,000 and the 90-day average days on market has increased to 112.

To view the full market reports click below.

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June 25, 2020

Where to Start When Buying a House

Where to Start When Buying a House

Buying a new home is a great investment in your future and can have many benefits.

If you've never done it before you might be wondering where to start when buying a house. Here's a quick list to help you get going!

  1. Check Your Financial Health - if you're ready to move forward on purchasing your home, you need your finances in order. Look at your bills and your savings. Depending on the loan, you might not need to save up 20% for your downpayment, but you need to make sure that your credit score is in good standing. If it needs a little work, now is the time to start increasing your score!
  2. What Do You Want - before you start looking, realistically think about what is the best home for you. How many bedrooms/bathrooms are you looking for? Do you want a home or a condo? What type of yard are you looking for - something you can work on or no maintenance at all. These are all things that your Realtor will want to know, so they can show you the homes you're most interested in. 
  3. Pre-Qualify - head to a Lender to see how much home you can afford. There is no use looking at homes that are above what you can spend. Also, work through a budget on your own. Your financials might qualify you for a monthly mortgage that you're not willing to spend based on other goals in your life. Figure out what you want to spend vs. what someone will lend you.
  4. Get a Realtor - your Realtor will be a lifesaver during this process. They can answer all the questions you will have (and you'll have a LOT!). They can find homes that match your needs and will listen to your feedback to drill down on what's available in the current market. 
  5. Listings - look through all the listings that come your way. It might become a tiresome process, but you want to make sure you look at all options. A house that doesn't look good in photos might end up being the right home for you! So, trust your Agent to find the homes that fit your criteria and go see them in person. Keep an open mind when looking at homes too. Paint, wallpaper, and flooring are changes you can make once you move in. Don't let those little items keep you from seeing the big picture.

This list of five items will give you a good idea of where to start when buying a house. If you have any other questions, contact us! We'd love to help you find your first home. (970) 858-9870 / info@robinsonandcorealty.com.

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June 18, 2020

5 DIY Father's Day Gifts

DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is Sunday!

If you forgot or haven't found the right thing for Dad yet, check out our list of DIY gifts that will make him chuckle and know that he's special. Let's get started on our favorite DIY Father's Day Gifts.

  1. Bottle Tags - if you're really crunched on time, personalize his favorite grilling companion - a 6-pack of beer (or rootbeer)! You can click here to read the tutorial on how to make gift tags for each bottle, like, "I might be the reason you drink." Or go with the classic message, "World's Greatest Dad!" Either way, he will get something he loves and it will put a smile on his face.
  2. Candy Tackle Box - does your dad love to fish, but also has a sweet tooth? Pick up a plastic organizer and fill it with all of Dad's favorite treats! Don't forget a clever message to put in the box. If you need some inspiration, click here
  3. Personalize It - does Dad have a favorite grilling utensil? Maybe he wouldn't mind some extra artwork added to the handle. This one is great, especially if you've got littles. They can make it an art project that Dad will be proud to pull out for all grilling events. Grab some paint markers and get creative!
  4. Candles - we know this seems odd for a Father's Day gift, but if you've got an outdoor lover for a Dad, this is perfect! Create a citronella mandle (man-candle) inside of an empty paint can! It will keep the bugs away and make him smile since you're so clever!. Check out the stuff you need to pull this one off. 
  5. Tie Rack - this isn't just a boring old tie rack for your favorite business Dad! This one is pretty easy to put together and will go well with the rustic man theme. Plus, if he's got a ton of ties, he probably needs a little organization in his life. Check out the instructions here

Give your Dad something special this Father's Day by creating one of these DIY Father's Day gifts. We know he will be pleased just to be thought of on his special day, but spice things up a bit with a homemade gift. 

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June 11, 2020

5 DIY Home Projects For Summer

5 DIY Home Projects For Summer

For many, the warmer weather brings many families outside to spend time together, but some like to stay busy.

For those who like to have many things to do, summer brings about the feeling of wanting to enhance their homes with some DIY projects. If you're one of the few who like to keep busy when the heat comes out, here are five DIY home projects for summer.

  1. Cabinets - refinishing your kitchen cabinets can make a huge impact on your space. It might not be a super-fast project, but you will love the results. Getting a good result means that you'll have to prep correctly, but if you do that the finished look will last for years to come. Here's a good tutorial of the proper steps to take
  2. Window Trim - this is one of those projects that you might not think much about, but the results will wow you! Also, it's a pretty easy DIY project. If you want to complete this project be sure you measure correctly, or you'll go bonkers.
  3. Bathroom Vanity - this project is pretty cool and inexpensive! There are lots of way to update a space, but in this example, the bathroom vanity is updated by putting a concrete overlay on their outdated countertop. Also, they added a frame to their mirror to update the look too. Click here to see how they did it. 
  4. Accent Wall - lots of people still love having an accent wall in their home, but it isn't just one painted color anymore! Designs, stamps, and different materials can all create a unique look in your home. Check out this tutorial to create a pallet wall
  5. Chalkboard Paint - chalkboards aren't just for kids anymore. It can be a great place to keep notes, grocery lists, or just have a place to doodle. Check out this tutorial about how to apply and use chalkboard paint.

We hope you enjoyed our list of DIY home projects for summer. We know there are many more that can occupy your entire summer and we hope you make the most of it! If you're doing some DIY projects before you list your home, contact us! We'd love to help you pick the projects that will give you the most bang for your buck. 

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June 3, 2020

Fruita Market Report - May 2020

Fruita Market Report - May 2020

Here's the latest market report from Fidelity National Title. Their current report indicates that it is a SLIGHT seller's market.

They use an index that measures the current rate of sale vs. the amount of inventory available. Anything over 30 is a seller's marketing. Anything under 30 means it is a buyers market. As of today, the index lists Fruita at a 41, which is just slightly down from last month's 43.

The median list price decreased slightly from last month and now sits at $444,999 and the 90-day average days on market have decreased to 110.

To view the full market reports click below.

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May 26, 2020

10 Backyard Makeover Tips

Backyard Makeover Tips

If you're anything like us, you've been spending a lot of time in your backyard.

Since we've been spending so much of our family time at home, it is inspiring us to spruce things up a little bit! So, here are ten backyard makeover tips for you to try!

  1. Patio / Deck - if you've got a deck that is worn out, it's a great time to refinish it. You won't believe how much some new stain or outdoor paint will freshen up your whole outdoor space! We know this one can be a little backbreaking, but rent a powerwasher and get to sanding. Once all the prep work is done, spraying on a new stain or paint will be a piece of cake!
  2. Rugs - if you're not ready for the work of refinishing your deck, go shopping for a fun outdoor rug instead. This will bring in some new colors and patterns to your space, and keep your toes protected from the rough elements. 
  3. Stone Path - do you notice an area in your lawn that has high traffic? A stone pathway could be a beneficial addition to that area. It will look great and help you get around your lawn on your most worn paths.
  4. Extra Seating - do you have a lovely, large tree where you read your book? Consider building a bench that wraps around the tree. You can get cushions to place on the bench and have a wonderful and cozy space to discover your new favorite reads.
  5. Pergola - these add a little bit of extra charm to your yard and also help shade certain areas. Consider building one over your patio set!
  6. Lighting - consider adding some mood lighting to your favorite after-dark areas. There are tons of cute outdoor lighting options available now. Lights that you string up or ones that illuminate walkways. Either way, it's charming and magical.
  7. Fence Art - do you have a talented individual in your household? Ask them to paint a mural on your wooden fence! If you're not feeling that brave yet, you can always add a little charm here and there, by drilling out some holes and using a rubber mallet to pound colorful marbles in the space. 
  8. Garden - gardens add color, lushness, and sustenance to an outdoor space. You don't have to just consider planter beds either. Get creative and build your garden vertically by mounting pots to a trellis on your fence. 
  9. Xeroscape - we live in the desert, so use it to your advantage! Consider placing rocks and hearty native plants in fun designs around your yard. Use it as a border to your lawn, or make your life easier by doing the entire yard. 
  10. Entertaining - the best way to use your outdoor space is with family and friends. Make sure you've got enough seating and space for dinners and BBQs. Don't forget the fire pit so you can stay warm when the sun goes down and make that smores.

Getting a space perfectly situated for your tastes and your family can be such a fun experience! We hope some of these backyard makeover tips come in handy and inspires you to make your space amazing!


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May 20, 2020

Our Favorite Grilling Recipes

Our Favorite Grilling Recipes

Outdoor space is one the joys in life that we can not get enough of!

With that in mind, we've gathered some of our favorite grilling recipes and side dishes to share with you to try out this weekend in your own outdoor space.

  1. Grilled Chicken - what's not to love about grilling chicken on the BBQ. It's easy, classic, and delicious! Plus this marinade gives your chicken a little kick. 
  2. Pulled Pork Sandwiches - okay, so these aren't a grilled item, but it's a good one for busy holiday weekends. You can dump all the things in a crockpot in the morning and have an amazing supper with little to no fuss. 
  3. Burgers - this is a classic! You can't have grilled food without thinking of burgers. With the extra flavors in this, people will be begging you to make them all the time. 
  4. Baked Beans - you can't have BBQ without the baked beans, right? It can be hard to get that smoky/sweet flavor just right, but this recipe delivers!
  5. Grilled Summer Squash - make your squash a little fancy, by adding some red onion and feta! Plus, who doesn't have lots of squash by the end of the summer and are looking for more recipes ;)
  6. Potato Salad - this one goes right along with the classic BBQ fare theme. Everyone has to have a potato salad at their party, but if you don't have a coveted family recipe, try this one!
  7. Grilled Corn - Olathe sweet corn doesn't need much in the way of extras, but if you're looking to shake things up, give this chile-lime grilled corn a whirl. It's delicious!
  8. Cucumber Salad - what's a feast without a couple of salads. The great thing about this one is there's no mayo involved, so it has a longer shelf life if you're out in the sun. 
  9. 7-Layer Dip - this is a great thing to make no matter what time of the year. Everyone loves the seven-layer dip, but be sure to get some extra strong chips so you don't end up with broken bits in your dip!
  10. Strawberry Rhubarb Layer Cake - serve up a seasonal dessert, like this strawberry rhubarb cake. It's got the sweet/sour thing down and will be a crowd-pleaser!
  11. Pink Lemonade Sangria - you've worked hard cooking all these delicious items. It's time to reward yourself with a delicious cocktail. This one is refreshing and is perfect for the weekend weather we're supposed to have.

We hope you'll give some of our favorite grilling recipes a go. They're the perfect items to make everyone feel at home and relax during the weekend. Plus, who doesn't love to try something new every once in a while? 

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May 12, 2020

Fruita Market Report - April 2020

Fruita Market Report - April 2020

Here's the latest market report from Fidelity National Title. Their current report indicates that it is a STRONG seller's market.

They use an index that measures the current rate of sale vs. the amount of inventory available. Anything over 30 is a seller's marketing. Anything under 30 means it is a buyers market. As of today, the index lists Fruita at a 43, which is just slightly down from last month's 48.

The median list price increased from last month and now sits at $445,000 and the 90-day average days on market has decreased to 113 - so the market is heating up!

To view the full market reports click below.

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May 5, 2020

Should You Rent or Sell Your Home?

Should You Rent or Sell Your Home?

So, you're thinking of buying a new home. Congratulations! Now, what should you do about your current home?

You might be weighing the pros and cons of selling vs. renting your home. What is the best option? Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer - it all depends on your unique situation. Here are a few considerations to rent or sell your home.

  • Cash Flow - this one all boils down to how much profit will you make each month after all the bills are paid (mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, management, vacancy, repairs, etc.). If you calculate it all out and you find that you'll be at a loss each month, this is probably not the right property to rent. 
  • Return on Investment - this relates to how much money you'll make if you sell the property. If you're going to get little to nothing after all the sales expenses and closing costs, the property might be more valuable to hold on to for a while. If this home has positive cash flow and is a good return on investment, do a little more math to figure out which is the better long-term solution.
  • Taxes - there is a potential exclusion from paying capital gains tax when you sell your primary residence. If you sell this property a few years later as an investment property, you'll have to pay those capital gains taxes. So, you could either net all the money now, or earn money for a few years, but pay those taxes when you decide to sell. This could be a big number or a small number - again, more math
  • Crystal Ball - what does the future hold? While we can never be positive what will happen in the housing market, you can usually make a good guess, or enlist the help of a realtor. Look at the location - is the neighborhood likely to decline? Is a large business moving into your small neighborhood? Or, is your area only becoming more desirable? Depending on the outlook, you might want to hold on to your home or sell it. 
  • Tenants - this is probably the hardest choice to come to terms with - will you be able to handle tenants and all the potential problems that come with them? When things break, you're required to fix them. If someone isn't paying their rent on time, you have to figure out how to collect it. Being a landlord requires a certain level of patience and a skillset, which can be learned, but do you have that time or inclination? 

So, should you rent or sell your home? If you've thought through these considerations carefully, you should have a pretty good idea of the answer. If you've decided it is time to list your home, contact us. We're happy to help you through the selling process to get the best outcome for your home!

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April 29, 2020

Our Favorite Hikes in Mesa County

Our Favorite Hikes in Mesa County

The Grand Valley is more than just mountain biking.

We also have some pretty incredible hikes that range from easy to difficult. So, here are a few of our favorite hikes in Mesa County. 

  1. Rattlesnake Canyon Arches - this trail is 13.5 miles from Pollock Bench. There is some scrambling that you need to complete but the views along the way make this trail completely worth it. Rattlesnake Canyon Arches has the highest concentration of natural arches outside of Arches National Park in Utah. 
  2. Mount Garfield - while this is only 3.8 miles round trip, it can be a doozy! Climbing Mount Garfield will give you 2,000 verticle feet of climbing in the first two miles! The views are beautiful and if you're preparing to climb Colorado's various 14ers, this is excellent practice. 
  3. Monument Canyon - this is a moderately rated trail that is 10.9 miles out and back. This trail features some beautiful wildflowers with 1,500 feet in elevation change. 
  4. Escalante Petroglyphs - the petroglyphs in this area can be found at two separate sites - the I and II routes are short and easy. Plus it's a great trail to take your family on because you can see some beautifully preserved petroglyphs.
  5. Trail Through Time - this is another easy trail and is also 1.4 miles round trip. This trail is out in the Rabbit Valley area. The benefit of Trail Through Time for those interested in our prehistoric past is that there are interpreting signs dotting the entire route. So, you can get out in the fresh air and learn about fossils that have been discovered in the area. 
  6. Crag Crest Trail - perched up on the Grand Mesa in the National Forest is this 12.6-mile moderate trail. When you reach the highest point (11,000 feet) you will feel like you're on top of the world. If you want to set out in the summer, start early to avoid those late afternoon thunderstorms.
  7. Devils Kitchen - this trail is a 1.5-mile round trip trail rated as moderate. This area has an incredibly unique geography. There are opportunities for rock scrambling and it has breathtaking views of the Valley. The trailhead is also the start of a couple of other trails, so if you're feeling up for more, you can just pop on one of those. 

There are a lot more hiking trails and areas in the Valley to explore, but these are our favorite hikes in Mesa County. If you see something on the list that you haven't done yet, now is the time to get out and explore!

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